What a week!

After our new cutting plotter arrived we finally received our Shapeoko CNC drilling machine!
Man, we waited soooo long.

Originally we have been part of the frist batch (which wasn’t quite a good idea since the machine is now $ 50 cheaper) and thought this shouldn’t last as long to get it.
So we ordered our Shapeoko on May, 18th 2012 and the item was shipped on June, 20th 2012.
This was faster than Inventables assumed (aprox. 6-8 weeks)… great work, really!

BUT… German customs made the impossible possible… 😉

The package arrived here in Germany on June, 23rd 2012 but since Inventables didn’t put the invoice and the receipt of payment on the outside of the package we had to wait additional 3 weeks (in words: three weeks!) until our “baby” arrived here.


Well, now it’s here and we really hope everything’s complete and nothing broken.
Cross your fingers, please!

We’ll check the whole package tomorrow and keep you updated on the progress of assembling and finally our first work.

So, stay tuned for the next blog posts. 😉